Integrates into your process.
Saves time coding with UI.
Generates standard project assets.

“Hi! I'm Alli! Your APIgator assistant.

APIgator comes in five phases:

Design, Test, Code, Deploy and Monitor.

Go ahead and read what you can do with each phase!”

Design phase


Design your API through a GUI.

The outputs are downloadable Open API 2.0 compliant documents.

Use Open API 2.0 documents with Swagger tools to ease the creation of API mock, documentation and client SDK.

Test phase


Verify the accuracy of leading and 3rd-party API operations. Define and run test suites, test cases, and assertions.

Q2 2017
Code phase


Implement leading API operations and scaffold your project’s code using the language and framework of your choice.

Q3 2017
Deploy phase


Install and run your project on a defined list of machines, specify package dependencies and configuration variables.

Q4 2017
Monitor phase


Check the status of your service in terms of availability, accuracy, and performance of leading and third-party APIs.

Q1 2018